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A group of photo of the complete team of Jonny Warren Properties

The Jonny Warren Properties Team is a locally based real estate agency in Canberra that offers a range of services across the real estate market. You can expect us to deliver exceptional service, so you’ll know exactly where you stand from the moment we take your call. We can help with a wide range of transactions, and our team is made up of experienced, passionate professionals who are committed to ensuring you receive superior service. Contact us today to see how we can work together!


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A portrait of Jonny Warren, Director of Jonny Warren Properties

Jonny Warren

Director, Sales Team Leader and Auctioneer

A portrait of Ben Mills, sales executive from Jonny Warren Properties

Ben Mills

Sales Executive

A portrait of Benny Power, Benny The Buyers Agent from the Jonny Warren Buyers Agency

Ben Power

Buyers Agent

A portrait of Bel Le Ruez, Co-Director & Sales Executive of Jonny Warren Properties

Belinda Le Ruez

Co-Director & Sales Executive

Tim & Tara Davaris

Sales Executives

A portrait of Tash Hannaway, Sales Administrator & Marketing Manager of Jonny Warren Properties

Tash Hannaway

Sales Administrator & Marketing Manager

A portrait of Tahlia Scott-Miller. Sales Executive from Jonny Warren Properties

Tahlia Scott-Miller

Sales Associate

A portrait of Ellie Brault, Head of Jonny Warren Property Management

Ellie Brault

Head of Property Management 

A portrait of Sienna Sewter, Sales Executive from Jonny Warren Properties

Sienna Sewter

Sales Executive

A portrait of Jodie Clews, Property Management Administration Support from Jonny Warren Property Management

Jodie Clews

Property Management Administration Support