Jonny Warren

Jonny Warren is a highly accomplished and charismatic real estate professional with an impressive decade-long journey in the industry. As the director of Jonny Warren Properties, he has become a trusted and leading real estate agent in Canberra (setting himself apart by telling the unique stories of his clients). Since the establishment of his agency in March 2021, Jonny has become a driving force in the market, earning recognition for his unwavering integrity, boundless energy, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Jonny’s natural talent for selling, combined with an unparalleled work ethic, allows him to effortlessly navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties, making the process appear seamless. He places a strong emphasis on building trustworthy relationships, and honesty and professionalism are at the core of his interactions with clients, potential buyers, and colleagues.

Throughout his remarkable career, Jonny has left an indelible mark of success. Setting an astounding 20 suburb records within his 10-year journey, he exemplifies unparalleled expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His extraordinary achievements have been recognized with the prestigious title of ACT Property Marketer of the Year in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Additionally, he secured positions as one of the top three property marketers in Australia in both 2021 and 2023.

Committed to delivering an exceptional, stress-free, and enjoyable selling experience, Jonny’s innovative marketing approach sets him apart from the rest. Leading the way in utilizing social media platforms and producing captivating out-of-the-box marketing videos, he effectively showcases properties and engages potential buyers. His cutting-edge strategies ensure that his clients’ homes receive the attention they deserve in today’s competitive market, setting new industry standards.

Jonny’s record-breaking sales across various ACT suburbs have earned him recognition and accolades, solidifying his position as a prominent agent. Acknowledged as one of the Top 10 Independent Sales Agents and Top 5 Independent Established Listers in the ACT in 2017, Jonny’s remarkable performance also earned him finalist positions for the AllHomes Rising Star award in 2017 and 2019, marking his emergence as a standout figure.

When working with clients, Jonny’s attention to detail and personalized approach set him apart. He goes the extra mile to thoroughly prepare and present his clients’ homes, collaborating with a network of skilled tradespeople to maximize the sale price. Jonny firmly believes that selling a home is not just about a quick transaction but about providing an exceptional experience for his clients, ensuring their best interests are always at the forefront and their real estate goals are achieved.

Clients who have had the privilege of working with Jonny often describe him as easy-going, professional, authentic, and down-to-earth, consistently praising his ability to make the process of buying or selling a home smooth, stress-free, and ultimately rewarding. With Jonny Warren, clients can expect a refreshingly different and personalised real estate experience, that goes beyond the transactional to create lasting relationships and exceptional results.

Beyond his professional success, Jonny is deeply passionate about making a positive impact in his community. He actively supports Bosom Buddies ACT, a charitable organization dedicated to providing personal support to breast cancer patients and their families in the ACT and surrounding regions. Jonny’s philanthropic efforts, including organizing and participating in various fundraising events, have made a meaningful contribution to a cause that holds a deeply personal meaning to him.

With his extensive experience, unwavering professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional service, Jonny has earned a prominent reputation in the industry. His dedication to the local community, combined with his philanthropic endeavours and remarkable achievements, distinguishes him as a standout figure in the real estate landscape.

Specialising in Florey and surrounding suburbs