Jonny Warren Properties Triumph: Holder Home Sells for Record $1.64M Post-Auction

Source: AllHomes

Despite a slowdown in clearance rates, Canberra’s real estate market is witnessing a notable trend with properties achieving record prices after auction. A prime example is a recently renovated, four-bedroom home in the reputable suburb of Holder.

Setting a new suburb record for the area, 3 Lines Street, Holder sold post-auction for $1.64 million. Jonny Warren, from Jonny Warren Properties, shared the following insights about the property’s market performance.

“It garnered substantial interest, with over 8000 online views, 100 enquiries, 56 inspections, and eight registered bidders at the auction. The property originally passed in at the auction, at $1.58 million, however following the auction, the sale price eventually surpassed initial expectations.”

“It was an emotional campaign with the seller having owned the property for 26 years, transforming the residence from a modest house into their dream family home.”

“New buyers came out of the woodwork immediately after the auction, so it was a great result for all concerned, with the home selling to a young couple who were relocating to be closer to family and who were also expecting a child in January.”

“The feedback for the home during the campaign was interest at around the $1.5 million to $1.6 million mark, but two buyers came out after the auction and began a bidding war, which pushed the price up.”

“Holder is an underrated suburb and becoming a really sought-after area so the strong result the property achieved wasn’t really a surprise.” Jonny shared.

The property is situated on a 1076-square-meter lot, and has been thoughtfully updated over the years for sustainable living whilst offering ample space for family living and entertainment.

The transition of this house into a highly sought-after property reflects Holder’s growing appeal in Canberra’s real estate landscape for a multitude of buyers.

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