Jonny Warren Properties Has a New Home!

Jonny Warren Properties launched a new office in Fyshwick, ACT.

Two years after a big leap of faith, Jonny Warren has officially marked his presence with the establishment of the Jonny Warren Properties headquarters. The start of this venture was a mix of timely career progression and the unforeseen challenges of the COVID pandemic; a period that tested and ultimately strengthened the resolve of many businesses, including Jonny’s.

Today, the company couldn’t be in a better position. Jonny Warren Properties has recently celebrated the opening of a new office located along Geraldton Crescent in Fyshwick.

“It’s in between Anaconda and Baby Bunting facing Canberra Avenue. It’s a big orange building, you won’t miss it!” Jonny Warren remarks about their new office.

Source: AllHomes

This expansion on December 8th 2023 reflects the company’s impressive growth, having outperformed its own sales records in the last three months compared to the first half of the year.

Jonny, alongside his wife Bel, has fostered a unique culture within their team, emphasizing a family-friendly and people-centric approach. This belief is deeply ingrained in their operations, resonating well with both their staff and clientele. 

The agency’s distinct marketing strategy, under the slogan “Every home tells a story”, is a heartfelt tribute to advice Jonny received from his late-mother at the beginning of his career. This approach includes producing engaging videos that present properties from the vendor’s viewpoint, paired with Jonny’’s and his team’s energetic and captivating personalities. This innovative method aims to reshape the traditional perspectives on property transactions.

For Jonny, the priority remains client-centric, focusing on delivering the best outcomes for them rather than solely pursuing financial gains.

“Our values are based on caring for people,” he states. “I say to all my team, ‘If you chase money, then you’re in it for all the wrong reasons. If you want to do well by your clients and help them out, then that’s how you’ll get rewarded.’”

This philosophy has not hindered the company’s financial success. On the contrary, it has contributed to a loyal client base and a small community, as evidenced by the positive reviews on their website. 

Source: AllHomes

“We’re a small business and put in long hours. But we’re starting to see the benefits of the business growing and we will be expanding further in 2024,” he says. “It’s so pleasing to sit back and reflect on where I was and where I am now, the systems I’ve put in place to [achieve success]…and now we’ve got our own place we can call home

“With my wife in the business, that’s where it has really started to change. She is there for the staff and is a great support to us all. She is simply amazing.”.

Jonny Warren Properties, services the Canberra area and its surrounds and is also a huge part of the fabric of their community. Their contributions include a substantial $60,000 donation to Bosom Buddies and ongoing support to local sports teams like the Canberra Raiders and various junior clubs. This involvement underscores their dedication to giving back to the community that has been integral to their success.



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