Home Buying Made Easy: Jonny Warren Buyers Agency’s Recent Win

When Canberra Raiders centre Matt Timoko began his journey to purchase his first home in Canberra, he was taken aback by the amount of time and effort involved.

“I didn’t really realize how hard it was looking for houses; I had no experience doing that,” he said.

“The more I started to look, the more overwhelming the process became.”

Despite this, the New Zealand international successfully became a homeowner earlier this year with the assistance of a buyer’s agent.

After months of going solo, Matt found his future home within about four weeks with professional help.

Buyer’s agents are increasingly becoming the secret weapon for many Canberra buyers—not just NRL players. Busy families and those relocating from interstate or overseas are also finding value in outsourcing their property purchases.

A photo of Canberra Raiders' Matt Timoko and Jonny Warren Buyers Agency's Ben Power

What is a Buyer’s Agent and How Do They Work?

Buyer’s agents are licensed real estate professionals who represent the interests of the buyer, unlike traditional real estate agents who work for the seller.

They typically offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Finding and short-listing properties
  • Inspecting homes
  • Bidding at auctions
  • Negotiating private treaty sales on behalf of buyers

Buyer’s agents often have access to properties that regular buyers might not find, including pre-market or off-market sales.

Their fee structures can vary; some charge a fixed fee, while others work on a commission basis, usually charging between 1.5% and 3% of the purchase price.

Generally, buyer’s agents operate as independent businesses and are not affiliated with real estate agencies.


The Rise of the Buyer’s Agent


A newcomer to the Canberra property scene is making waves in the market.

Fyshwick-based real estate agency Jonny Warren Properties has launched a new buyer’s agency division, led by Ben Power.

Benny the Buyers Agent explains that while he will show clients properties listed for sale through Jonny Warren if they are suitable, he has no obligation to do so.

“Essentially, I still work independently under the Jonny Warren brand, and I’ll source the best property for my client from any sales agent out there,” he says.

Image of Canberra Raiders Star Matt Timoko and Benny Power of Jonny Warren Buyers Agency

Who’s Using Buyer’s Agents?


Since launching the Jonny Warren Buyer’s Agency in May, Benny has worked with a variety of clients, including a retired woman from regional NSW who is relocating to Canberra.

“It’s the first time she’s ever bought a property,” he says.

Benny notes that high-profile individuals, like his client Matt Timoko, see value in the service. “They like privacy sometimes or they’re just not available on the weekends,” he says.

He’s also assisted busy families, international buyers and people who are unwell or unable to physically attend property viewings.


What to Look Out for When Using a Buyer’s Agent


Buyers can verify if a buyer’s agent holds a current real estate license by checking the ACT public register.

A good buyer’s agent will have a clear policy on handling conflicts of interest if they arise.

This can help buyers understand how the agent would handle situations such as having two clients looking for the same type of property.

Under ACT legislation, an agent must disclose if they receive any rebate, discount, commission, or benefit for referring a buyer to a service provider, such as a developer or a sales agent. The nature and value of any benefit must also be disclosed.

The journey to homeownership can be challenging, but with the right support, it becomes much more manageable. The rise of buyer’s agents like Benny Power at Jonny Warren Buyers Agency, has provided a valuable resource for many, including busy professionals, relocating families, and high-profile individuals. Their expertise and dedication ensure that clients find the best possible property to suit their needs and budget.

If you want the ‘secret weapon’ on your side when purchasing property, please get in touch.

Contact Information:

  • Email: benny@jonnywarren.com.au
  • Phone: 0438 867 822

Source: Canberra Times –  The secret weapon that helped a Raiders star buy his first home